van der Sloot

IT Consultant


van der Sloot

IT Consultant

Sander van der Sloot

IT Consultant



Sander van der Sloot

Date and place of birth

26 April 1974, IJsselstein, The Netherlands

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As I have ample experience in various sectors, projects and roles, I intuitively detect potential pitfalls threatening a project or strategic goal. My communicative skills are excellent. I am good at abstractions and strategic thinking and I can easily acquire new skills. Because of these special skills, together with my affinity with science, I am a talented consultant.


I would very much like to have a role in which I can put my knowledge and experience into practise to contribute to the enhancement and improvement of the professionalization of online services. This improvement can only be achieved by creating a vision for the online channel of B2C, B2B, but also B2E. This would be my ideal playing field: online innovation and the adaption of technological developments to provide final customers with excellent products and more. I would also very much like to contribute to an important digital transformation by having the role of Agile Architect. A role which expands the CTO. My first field of interest was programming, but during my career this developed into software architecture and later on technical consulting. In the process I took some trainings such as Requirement Analysis, Prince2, TOGAF, SCRUM Essentials, AWS Professional Accreditation. During my career I came into contact with all sorts of platforms and products. My principle, when confronted with problems, is to be open to any solution and to choose the best of breed approach and best fit of products. I have had a variety of roles in various settings and fields. Therefore I have wide experience of things. My approach to challenges is analytical. This way I can contribute by indicating directions for solutions convincingly. I enjoy transferring knowledge in an interactive way. ‘You showed quite some courage’, ‘You have really contributed to the project’ are some of my employers’ quotations, DUO (Implementation service for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) and UWV ( Employed Person’s Insurance Administration Agency) respectively. To be able to carry out my present role as Technical Consultant, I closely monitor technical trends, tooling, products and methods. A number of typical projects are described below in more detail to provide optimal insight into my work experience.


Sports are extremely important to me. In winter I skate a lot and I cycle throughout the year. I was a member of a cycling team of twelve plus coach for more than a decade. Nowadays I often cycle to keep fit. In addition I love playing music; it makes me relax mentally. I have been taught to play the guitar from the age of ten. For a number of years now I have taught myself to play the piano as well. Reading is also a hobby of mine. I read both specialised literature and fiction like ‘Short Stories’ by Roald Dahl, ‘What’s going on in there’ by Lise Eliot and brain twisters like ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach’ by Hofstadter. Using the Internet of Things I restore an old motorbike, adding home-made electronics and linking this to the internet by means of an app.



LeSS Practitioner - AgiliX 2017

DevOps Fundamentals - Quint 2017

Azure Essentials - Miracademy 2016

Scrum Essentials - Miracademy 2015

Amazon Cloud Services - Online 2014

SOA Essentials - InfoSupport 2010

Togaf 8.1 - Cap Gemini 2008

Prince2 Foundation - Cap Gemini 2008

Informatica TU Delft - 1997 (interrupted)

Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium (pre-university education) Diploma 1993



Large Scale Scrum - Craig Larman

Agile Foundations - Peter Measey and Radtac

De Responsive Enterprise - Rini Solingen e.a.

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries

Kanban - David J. Anderson

Agile IT Organization Design - Sriram Narayan

Enterprise Architecture at Work - M. Lankhorst

IT Savvy - P. Weill, J.W. Ross

IT Governance - P. Weill, J.W. Ross

CMMI 2nd Edition - M. Chrissis e.a.

TOGAF 2007 Edition Incorporating 8.1.1

Open Source SOA - J. Davis

Enterprise Integration Patterns - Hohpe e.a.

Anti Patterns - W.J. Brown e.a.

Applying UML and Patterns - G. Larman

Use Case Modeling - K. Bittner e.a.

Software testing: a TMap approach - M. Pol

Artificial Intelligence - M. Negnevitsky

Analysis Patterns - M. Fowler


  • 25% Complete
    Speaking skills Reading/Writing
  • 75% Complete
    English 90%
  • 66% Complete
    French 66%
  • 40% Complete
    German 40%
  • 25% Complete
    Italian 25%

Special skills

Online Strategie, eCommerce, Cloud Architectuur

Digital Transformation, Agile, Scrum, Prince2, TMap, RUP

TOGAF, Archimate, SOA, CMMi

Analysis Patterns, Use Cases, Functiepunt Analyse

Linux, Java, C#, Delphi, C++

Javascript, NodeJS, Ruby, HTML, CSS

.. and a wide range of (online) products and development tools.



Coaching, Training






I have been employed in Information Technology since 1997. I have contributed to the realisation of projects in the field of government and of professional and financial services. I started out as a Software Engineer in various programming languages. Subsequently I was an information analyst and an application architect. After that I was a technical project manager. Nowadays I am a technical consultant, specialised in online architectures. Below are a number of typical examples of my career.

Quint Wellington Redwood

Consultant - Mei 2017 - Heden

As a consultant with Quint Wellington Redwood I assist organisations in transition to align supporting IT by helping teams making agile architecture choises. Futhermore I train and coach the development teams in the area of agility and the different roles.


Web IT Consultant - May 2012 - to date

As a technical consultant with Mirabeau I have a wide role which can be described as ‘the technical conscience’ for a client. For instance the assignment with Heineken International. Heineken has an online platform on which all individual countries can roll out campaigns for their brands. My contribution was on the one hand advising and supporting the brand managers and the project managers of the suppliers to realise their requirements in time. On the other hand we developed and renovated the platform. The result was that our team successfully improved the self-sufficiency of the brand managers so that we could concentrate on the development of the architecture of the platform. The latter assignment also applied to Transavia. Transavia has a complex architecture, which could not meet the fast changing requests of the business. After a few months of research, a colleague architect and I developed a vision of the architecture by using trial test themes. We developed a roadmap for this vision. My assignments are not always about architecture and techniques. At Mirabeau’s we make use of ‘multi-customer scrum teams’. These teams acquire a wide range of knowledge of a sector. There is a residential sector team for three housing corporations. I maintain customer contacts and I contact the suppliers of the customers. Together with others I am also responsible for compliance with Agile. This resembles the assignment with Sundio. They work with four DevOps scrum teams. In the opinion of the people of Sundio four teams in one architecture will result in ‘pipeline’ problems, even with teams each having their own backlog. I serve as a sounding board and consultant to realise an architecture compatible with autonomous teams.

ABN Amro (Cap Gemini)

Software Modeling Architect - January 2012 - April 2012

ABN AMRO works with a mobile application (iPhone and Android) for private clients. The various bank departments have additional requirements. The goal of the project was to realise these requirements and at the same time maintain the existing functionality of internet banking. My job was analysing their wishes, selecting reusable functionalities or necessary changes of architecture and designing the components to be built. Project realisation was Scrum. The result was that various working new releases of the mobile application were being rolled out.

DUO (Cap Gemini)

Projectmanager - January 2008 - October 2011

DUO is the implementation service of OCW ( the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science). It donates money to educational institutions and monitors the annual accounts within the current legislation and regulations. DUO works with software supported processes. The goal of the project was the implementation of changes in legislation and regulations into the supporting software. I was the manager of the team of information analysts and developers, I made a planning in terms of time and means, managed the process and set up tooling to ease the chain from change management to deployment. I have developed a set of Prince2 templates to control the projects. In addition I also played a role in a transition from management and maintenance to outsourcing arrangements, in the function point implementation and two migration processes. As a result DUO can meet the obligations to education and OCW.

Summary of other activities

Various functions - 1997 - 2008

The Employee Insurance Administration (UWV) exchanges information with (local) government(s) and employers. The UWV required a faster system which realises the exchange without the involvement of intermediaries. As team manager I have been able to convince the Agile team to reconsider the architecture of the application. I carried out a migration of the development environment and improved the developing and testing process. It was also because of my efforts that a system was realised that is easy to maintain and expand and which fully met the requirements of UWV. VROM (Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment) used a manual process to control incidents. VROM required an integral web site to be built, automating and supporting the process to enable all the authorities involved to obtain and supply information. In this project I assisted in setting up use cases, I wrote the initial testing plan and did the technical design. After a nationwide test the web site was successfully launched. Maetis wished to solve a great number of problems in their system and make changes as well, all in short time. I succeeded to understand the subject matter and the software in a very short time and in this way I contributed to the success. Web trainer is a web application for recreational racing cyclists and semi-professional ones. It has been developed according to the ideas of a well-known cyclist coach. The performances of the cyclists can be enhanced on the basis of training schedules. In this way I can mix my job and my hobby: programming and cycling. I performed a special assignment for Aino. Together with a TMap specialist I had to figure out the functionalities of an employment contract system by performing all kinds of tests. I then described the functionalities in UseCases. The KNSB (Royal Dutch Skating Association) required a different system for their match administration. The management of the requirements was a big challenge as not only the skating association itself had requirements, there were also twelve skating rinks involved, each with special requirements, which were sometimes contradictory. I saw to the realisation and implementation of all these requirements

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